12 February 2019

Bold Trends

Hi Loves!

Happy New Year! I started reminiscing about all the things I loved about the fashion in 2018. Normally, the bolder the trends get each year, they are added as accessories. However, last year, fashion didn't just come as an accessory, it came abundantly! Like you had to go bold or go home and let's just say I LOVED every minute of it! 

Trend #1 Snakeskin

It's no secret that animal print is loved by many, especially me! My animal print of choice is usually leopard print. When I saw the snakeskin making a comeback, I was overjoyed! If you're not so risky, pick up a scarf, a bag or shoes. However, if you're feeling bold like me, have fun with a snakeskin skirt, shirt or pants. Below I chose to buy pants because they were fun and fierce!

What I Wore: 
Top Target | Bottoms Babesandfelines.com

Trend #2: Bold colors

The rainbow trend came on pretty huge and it's obvious that it was here to stay! I've always been a huge fan of color blocking any way so I just mixed it with one of the new trends, logos! If you can find an item in a Crayola crayon box color, wear it! Bright colors was another one of my favs! I mean, who doesn't love to stand out in a crowd?? **Let's not all raise our hands at once**

What I Wore: 
Top Balmain | Bottom Target | Shoes Zara 

Trend #3: Mixing prints

One of my must have items is a striped shirt. Spring screams floral vibes to me so it was only right to pair this top with this floral number!

I know what you may be thinking....I can't do that! Oh, but you can! There's an art to it. If you pick like colors with the clothing and then keep everything else neutral, you'll be a pro in no time!

What I Wore: 
Top H&M | Bottom Target | Shoes Steve Madden

Trend #4: Logos

This was one of my favorites! Wearing a logo t-shirt. You do not have to go broke buying a label. Anybody can buy a label, but you cannot buy style! I've seen more people with faux label t-shirts have way better style than the ones that have the actual label. Although I didn't buy many labels this year, I remixed the crap out of of the ones I had already! (as you can see from my previous outfit above). My favorite obviously happens to be Balmain (I may or may not have like every color in this t-shirt! lol). This time I went with a cheaper route. I wore my sister's logo shirt for her hair brand, "Carmyn Milani."

What I Wore: 
Top Carmyn Milani | Bottoms H&M | Coat Asos | Shoes Aldo

What's your favorite trend from last year that you are holding on to this year as well??



27 December 2018

‘Tis’ the Season to Slay

Happy Holidays!

Hope you’re having a great week so far! This time of year is such a lovely time. It's a reminder  to look at the good in things. I had a rough time this year, but this time of year lifts my spirits despite the loss I've had. Here’s my top favorite things about this time of year:

1. No classes! ! This is my number one reason to slay right now! I don’t have to wake up and keep the stress of staying on top of my work. You may not have school anymore, but maybe you have children or young family members that you get to spend a little extra time with, if so, slay with them with fun holiday pics. So ladies, take this break to slay (even if it's your favorite holiday PJs)!

2. Spending time with family and friends. I had sooooooo much fun spending time with my friends and family that I don't get to see as often as I like. I'm a firm believer in soaking up quality time with the people you love while you still can.

3. People are much nicer. I went to NY last week and have never met so many friendly people there! This time of year, people have no choice but to be nicer

4. The beautiful views! I love the lights and decorations that is all over! Fun Fact about me: Sometimes I take the long way home just so that I can see the beautiful lights.

5. The treats! Who doesn’t like a good excuse to eat cookies or drink eggnog?

What I Wore: 
Top: Zara | Bottoms: Target | Shoes: Lola Shoetique


Courtney :)

21 December 2018


Hi loves,

Welcome back! It’s been a minute! Sometimes hiatuses are much needed to get a fresh start.

Things I've learned while I was away:
  1. Put GOD first and you'll never finish LAST! 
  2. The things you speak have a HUGE impact on your life! Speak positive, speak life!
  3. Go after the very things that people tell you NOT to do. "That's not smart!", "I wouldn't do that if I were you!", "I wouldn't wear that if I were you!"
  4. We spend our lives asking people what they want to be. I always wanted to be a successful, but now I'm learning it's more important to be happy! Do what makes you happy! 
  5. ANYTHING is possible as long as you put your mind to it! 
  6. Sometimes people value finances as blessings! The biggest blessings that I've received this year were things that money couldn't buy! 
  7. If you fear it, do it! I faced my fears this year and it has been the most confident/rewarding feelings I've EVER felt in LIFE! 
  8. I always keep it real! People love you as long as your doing/telling them the things they need to hear. I used to hold back because I didn't want to "hurt" feelings, etc. You'll lose friends, family, etc 
  9. Living your life pleasing others and their dreams and aspirations for you will make you MISERABLE. This pushed me to start over this year and I'm ok with that! Doing the things that ultimately make me happy is giving me the best feeling EVER! 
  10. Tapping into the REAL you, will make many people UNCOMFORTABLE. you'll lose friends, but thats OKAY! 
Wearing this outfit reminded me to walk boldly in these lessons!

What I Wore: 
Top Forever21 | Bottom Bebe | Shoes LolaShoetique 

Orange represents joy, sunshine, strength, creativity, happiness and determination.

Green represents life, freshness, renewal, nature, growth and harmony.


Courtney :)

19 February 2018

Things Money Can't Buy

Hi Loves!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Lately I've been trying this thing; evaluating my life and making necessary changes. This meant my the way I thought changed, my goals changed and the company I kept changed as well. I tried to stay as positive as possible since I used to always focus on the negative things in my life. Being negative takes a toll on you eventually! Change was definitely a hard thing for me to do, but soooooo necessary. The things I used to value no longer served any purpose in my life.

One of my number one priorities these days is creating memories that will last a lifetime. My grandmother is one of the 3/9 siblings that are still living. I value spending time with them so much that it's become basically a full-time job for me while going to school. I cherish these moments so much as they grow older, that I make sure that we have some sort of family outing at least once a month. Our favorite thing to do together is attend church or go to brunch.

This Sunday we made reservations to one of our favorite places. Our reservations are usually for 8:30am and we don't leave until 2:30pm! We don't usually eat the entire time, but we enjoy the memories that we are making with multiple generations. No amount of money is worth these memories that we create with the people we don't want to forget.

I figured if I can look good when I go out with my friends, I can make sure that I arrive fashionable with my family as well. Sunday I chose a cute sweater and leopard print heels, simplicity for me!

“The best things in life are free; the second best are expensive.” - Coco Chanel 

What I Wore: 
Top Zara | Pants It's Fashion | Bag Target | Shoes Jessica Simpson (Macy's)

What are your favorite things that money can't buy?? 


14 February 2018

Valentine's Day Vibes

Hi loves!

Hope you are having a great start to your week! Some are dreading this week as they prepare for Valentine's Day, especially if you are a procrastinator. However, if you're anything like me you LOVE it! No matter how you celebrate it, you should always make sure you are celebrating in style!

Decisions, decisions...Do I want to go for red hot, pretty in pink or flirty floral???

Here's a few inspirations for anyone still trying to find something last minute.

Look #1: Pretty in Pink

For the girly, girl who wants to celebrate in pink, but also wants to keep it simple, any shade of pink in a top is perfect with a pair of black pants!

What I Wore: 
Top Target | Belt Express | Bracelets Aldo (old) | Bag Target | Pants BCBG | Booties Aldo 

Look #2: Flirty Floral 

For the girl who loves a good flower. Some of us enjoy florals so much that we wear them too! Floral prints on a wrap dress always makes a fun, flirty look.

What I Wore: 
Dress Target | Bracelets Aldo (old) | Bag Target | Boots DSW

Look #3: Lady in Red 

For the lady who wants to keep it classic, wear red! Nothing screams love like a nice red dress!  Red is always the solution for anyone looking to feel feminine and sexy.

What I Wore: 
Dress Target | Bag Target | Boots DSW 

Look #4 Red Hot or Hot Pink?

For the girl who can't decide, wear them both! Choose a vibrant shade of red and a vibrant shade of pink and throw them together! Be sure to wear neutrals to tone them down.

Celebrations are always an excuse to wear sequins! I paired this pink number with a red shirt and boom, you get this great match made in heaven!

What I Wore: 
Top New York & Co | Skirt eBay | Shoes Lola Shoetique 

Look #5 More Wine, Please! 

For the girl who doesn't always go with the "norm," wear your wine! Who said the shade has to be a bold red or a vibrant pink? Normal is boring anyway! Some say the more wine you have, the better your night will be. So why not wear more wine?! I'm one of the "go hard or go home" girls so I would wear this color as a monochrome look: more wine, please! Just add neutrals to complete the look.

What I Wore: 
Top Macy's | Bottom Target | Vest Bebe | Bag Louis Vuitton | Shoes Jennifer Le

What looks are you going for this year??


11 February 2018

Style Crush: Tammy Rivera ~ Green Pleated Skirt

Hi loves!

If you're one to enjoy mixing highs with lows or shopping for closet statement pieces, then you can certainly appreciate Tammy Rivera's style.  Most people think you have to spend money to look good. That's NOT the case at all. Tammy Rivera's style is a friendly reminder that "it's not what you wear, but how you wear it! Own whatever you wear!"

I love a good edgy look that doesn't break your pockets! I loved everything about this bold, effortless look from the metallic fabric to  adding booties to this pleated skirt just screamed edgy!

What Tammy Wore: 
Top: H&M | Skirt H&M | Bag Gucci | Shoes YSL

What I Wore: 
Top H&M | Skirt eBay | Bag GoJane | Shoes Forever21

It was a must that I borrow this look. It's definitely my kind of look, an effortless show-stopper look on a budget! I decided to take my look to church. Therefore, I buttoned up my shirt and tucked it in a little more.


Courtney Mahoney